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Applied Mechanics and Environmental Technologies Department

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As a structural unit Department formed on September 18, 1997 according to the order number 635 of Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine. Since September 1, 2009 Department of Applied Mechanics is a part of the The Faculty of Technogenic and Environmental Safety.

The Head of Department is Doctor of Science (Technical Sciences) Sergey A. Vambol. The department has 6 scientific-pedagogical staff, including 1 doctor of Science and 5 PhD.

The aim of the department is to provide high quality training of specialists of National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, research-related activities connected with SES and faculty direction, improve teaching disciplines, improve the learning process, cooperation with the related departments of other universities.

The main activities of the department are:

1. Educational and methodical work for the first (bachelor) level in specialties:
261 "Fire safety", all specialization, namely: "Automatic fire and technological safety systems", "Fire and technical safety audit", "Fire safety", "Fire fighting and emergency rescue";
263 «Civil safety», all specialization, namely: «Labor protection», «Telecommunication systems in management», «Civil protection», «Engineering support of engineer, pyrotechnic and explosive works»;

2. Educational and methodical work for the second (master's) level in the specialties:
101 "Ecology", specialization "Ecological safety";
183 «Technologies of environmental protection», specialization «Technogenic and ecological safety»;
263 "Civil safety", specialization "Labor protection";
263 "Civil Security", specialization "Management in the field of civil protection";

3. Educational and methodical work for the third (educational-scientific) level in the specialty:
183 "Environmental protection technologies".

4. Teaching disciplines of general engineering direction:
Applied mechanics,
Technical mechanics,
Technical mechanics of liquid and gas,
Material Science and Technology Materials
Metrology, standardization and certification.

5. Teaching students of the magistracy of the disciplines of professional direction:
System approach to the identification of sources of environmental hazard formation,
Design and construction of systems for ensuring environmental safety,
Environmental safety management systems,
Metrology and standardization,
Environmental safety systems

6. Cooperation of the department with other institutions and organizations.
In order to exchange experience, the department's staff closely cooperate with IPMash NAS of Ukraine, NSC Metrology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, NTU "KhPI", NACU "KhAI", KrnU them. M.Ostrogradsky, KNUBA, NDU them. VM Karazin and others.

7. Methodological component.
Methodical work is carried out in accordance with the normative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. To provide the educational process, study guides, lecture courses, methodical instructions for independent and laboratory work, workbooks are developed and published. The NPCs of the Department take part in the review of educational and methodological publications of other higher educational institutions.

8. Scientific activity:
Main scientific directions of the department:
1. Systems for ensuring environmental safety using multiphase disperse structures.
2. Reduction of harmful emissions of spent fuel in the ICE.
3. Questions of reliability of operation of technical systems.
4. Devices for safe discharge of ammunition.
5. Modeling and development of rational grinding regimes of solid fuels for TPPs.
6. Systems of providing of ecological safety during fires at landfills of solid domestic wastes.

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