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Head of IT Center, PhD in technical sciences,
Colonel of civil protection service
Michail M. Piksasov

Collective of IT Center

IT Center of the University is a unit designed to define and implement a common policy of informatization of the University, introduction of modern information technologies in educational process and service activities of the University as a whole.

The purpose of IT Center:

  • implementation of informatization technology policy of the University;
  • sustainable operation and development of information infrastructure of the University;
  • ensure broad implementation of modern information technologies in educational process of the University;
  • widespread usage of information technologies in the management of the University;
  • formation and development of a common information space of the University and its integration with the world information space;
  • widespread adoption of modern technologies in the educational process;
  • technical support for introduction of modern learning.

    tel. (057) 707-34-79
    e-mail cit.nuczu@dsns.gov.ua
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