Faculty of Fire Safety


Head of Faculty
Andrey V. Romin
Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Associate Professor

 The faculty consists of:
  • administrative management apparatus;
  • four departments, with more than 70 scientific and pedagogical staff;
  • five cadet courses with more than 340 people;
  • five student courses with more than 150 people.

Staff of the Faculty trains graduates in all fields of educational skill levels, but is directly responsible for the training of engineers on speciality "Fire Safety" by educational levels "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master". 

The main objectives of the Faculty are:
  • educational activities for training of all educational levels;
  • providing conditions for mastering the knowledge system of man, nature and society, making a socially responsible, creative person, morally, psychologically stable and physically healthy generation of shaping public positions, patriotism, respect, willingness to work, responsibility, the fate of society, state and mankind, ensuring high ethical standards, the atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect between staff, teachers, cadets and students;
  • training of scientific and pedagogical staff;
  • study of demand for certain professions in the labor market and promoting the employment of graduates;
  • creation of complex scientific methods of academic disciplines taught at the Faculty and make sectoral component in higher education in the field of civil protection, as well as higher education standards of University;
  • search and implementation of effective forms of integration training and research activities with practical units;
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, their departments, scientists, experts, international organizations for training, joint research, exchange of experience in the educational process and researches.

Graduate of Faculty will get the Diploma of fire safety in the direction of "Fire Safety" has the ability to hold all positions in the state of Divisions 

(departments) of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in all regions of Ukraine and other government departments and SES of Ukraine, in the relevant structures of business activity, regardless of ownership whose activities are connected with the provision of fire safety facilities and fire safety products.

For example, it posts in the departments of fire safety departments technological safety, regulatory and technical parts of the control systems and fire protection departments control sanctions and analysis, sector of licensing the departments of response and readiness of units and departments of fire fighting work at object units, sectors and training of service units, departments of logistics and maintenance facilities and so on.

Diploma of the Faculty is highly regarded internationally.