Department of Fire prevention in settlements

Department of Fire prevention in settlements (DFPS) was established in 1996 and is part of the Faculty of Fire Safety National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine.

Staff of DFPS


The list of subjects taught at the department:
1. The buildings and structures and their behavior under fire;
2. Fire prevention in settlements;
3. Special water supply;
4. Organization of fire prevention work;
5. Safety of buildings and structures;
6. Safe usage of engineering systems and structures;
7. Utilities and communications.

The objective of the department:
• accordance with industry standards to ensure quality higher education training qualification of "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master" in the direction of 261 "Fire safety";
• research related activities of SES;
• improving teaching subjects and modernization of the educational process;
• strengthen the fruitful cooperation between Department and practitioners and scientific-pedagogical staff of other institutions of education and science.