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Ecology (Environmental Safety) specialist

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Specialization "Environmental Safety" at the university is one of the most modern and popular specializations and training focused primarily on issues of environmental inspections.
Under the guidance of highly qualified teachers, doctors and candidates of sciences, students gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills of inspection and audit compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, are engaged in studying the issues of organization of environmental management, environmental audits in enterprises (institutions) any form of ownership, learning exercise expert assessment of radiation safety of the state.

Educationally-qualifying levels "Specialist" NUTSZU student receives after the defense final work specialist.
Duration of training - 1 year.
Specialist Qualification - engineer technogenic and ecological safety.
Basic professional level - complete higher education.
A graduate of the University in this specialty has a wide range of employment in government environmental inspection, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors' offices and environmental organizations that oversee environmental protection.
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