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Specialty "Hrazhdanskaya Safety (Labour Protection)in Unyversytete javljaetsja One IZ samh aktualnh vostrebovannh specialties and learning and oryentyrovana, Total First, in the preparation professionals to perform functions ohran labor in the enterprise vseh species and forms of ownership activities.
Under the leadership professorsko-prepodavatelskoho composition of the department, ymeyuscheho scientists zvanyya and nauchne degree, student poluchayut neobhodyme Theoretical knowledge and pryobretayut praktycheskye navky of application in practice pravovh norms of legislation of Ukraine in dannoy areas, conducting proverok hozyaystvuyuschyh actors to perform trebovanyy legislation on the Protection of the labor zanymayutsya Study voprosov organization and conducting rassledovanyy neschastnh cases and professyonalnh diseases in production, as well as s prevention.
Obrazovatelno-Level Qualifications "specialist" student NUTSZU poluchaet after vpusknoy dyplomnoy protection work.
Term of learning - 1 hour (dnevnoe, Learning only correspondence).
Qualification specialist - engineer on Protection of Labor.
Level Bazovy specialist - polnoe Higher education.
University graduate in dannoy ymeet wide range of specialty trudoustroystva vo vseh areas of activity, in the organs and podrazdelenyyah HSCHS Ukraine, supervision of the State in question ohran the labor Gosudarstvennoye power and local government (otdel, sektor ohran On the issue of labor).