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Ecology (Environmental Security) Bachelor

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Speciality "Ecology (Environmental Security)"is a new, modern trends of teaching and focused primarily on training in the field of environmental protection.
However, unlike classical (civil) environmentalists, who in the learning process usually involved in the study of the environment that allows them to work in industrial enterprises of different ownership forms, students, environmentalists University focuses on forecasting of emergency environmental situations of different nature and development recommendations for their elimination. This, in turn, enables them to work in this area in all power structures of the state.
Under the guidance of highly qualified teachers, the vast majority of whom have academic titles and degrees, students gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills in the most modern methods of investigation of soil, water, air, the development of their treatment, as well as for forecasting occurrence and order of elimination the effects of environmental emergencies.


The qualification level "bachelor" NUTSZU student receives after the defense final work degree.
Training term - 4 years.
Baseline degree - base higher education.
After defending his final work the student can continue their studies at university, specialty "Environmental Security" and receive a diploma or master.
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