Civil security (Labour Protectionh) Bachelor

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Specialization "Labour Protection" in unyversytete javljaetsja One IZ kompleksnh, sovremennh spetsyalyzatsyy learning and oryentyrovana, Total First, in the preparation professionals to Perform Supervisory STATUS ohran of industrial labor in the enterprise vseh species and forms of ownership activities, as well as for conducting kspertnh action.
Vo Vremya learning Under the leadership vsokokvalyfytsyrovannh Lecturer, kotoryya ymeyut scientists zvanyya a degree, student poluchayut neobhodyme Theoretical knowledge and pryobretayut praktycheskye navky on Adoption mayor napravlennh on Provision of health and disability rights in the process of ego trudovoy activities, znakomyatsya with equipment, neobhodymm for conducting sootvetstvuyuscheho control , laboratory equipment provodjat work.

Obrazovatelnuyu degree "Bachelor" student NUSZU poluchaet after vpusknoy bakalavrskoy protection work.

Term of learning - 4 years (dnevnoe), 4 years 9 months (nly correspondence).
Qualification Bachelor - Protection inspector to work.
Bazovy Level Bachelor - bazovoe Higher education.
After protection vpusknoy bakalavrskoy work Student Can Continue Learning in Unyversytete on specialty "Hrazhdanskaya Safety" (specialization "Protection of Labour", "Review ohran labor and professyonalnh risks", "Management ohran labor and tehnohennoy safety" Receive Diploma  Masters (1 year 6 months - dnevnoe, 1 year 9 months - Learning only correspondence).