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18 Desember 2017, 15:01

Fulbright Grant for research in the United States

Project the system “Dream-coach “Virtual Donbas” is recommended by the Fulbright Scholar Program Selection Committee for research grant in US universities and research institutes for the 2018-2019 academic year. Project Manager Victoria Tsokota is a leading researcher at the Research Laboratory for Extreme and Crisis Psychology. Dream-coach system is designed to increase the stress resistance of representatives of risky occupations and to rehabilitate veterans and civilians affected during a military conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Within the project, it is planned to gain valuable experience in constructing protocols that allow you to plunge into the virtual environment using the achievements of the American academic community, exchange thoughts, create protocols under the guidance of American colleagues and establish inter-university interaction.


Research Laboratory of Extreme and Crisis Psychology.


  • 20.12.2017, 15:10

    Arki.Group, Kharkov

    Большие молодцы, так держать!

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