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17 February 2018, 10:29

At NUCPU was hosted a theatrical performance of the Shrovetide celebration

On February 16, at the training and sport complex of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine was held a real theatrical performance on the occasion of the Shrovetide. An entertainment program took place on the solemnly decorated site, which involved more than 300 employees, cadets and students of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, National University of Air Forces named after I. Kozhedub, National University of Internal Affairs, State gymnasium-boarding school with intensive military-physical training "Cadet Corps", as well as veterans, schoolchildren of educational institutions.
In sports spirit, pupils of higher educational institutions under the shots of the Cossack gun pushed the weights, dragged the rope, fought pillows, competed in their hands. The sportsmen of the treatment were fighting - the winners handed the coupons to the field porridge, delicious and traditional for the holiday oil butter aromatic pancakes with honey. But the most valuable gifts had to be taken from the height. The brave ones who were able to climb the pillar without clutches received the reward for hours, trousers, corset belts, hats (fezles), T-shirts, and most importantly - vacation certificates. "For cadets, students, teachers, schoolchildren, guests and all present it's a real holiday," said the Rector of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, Lieutenant General of Civil Protection Service Volodymyr Sadkovyi. The main thing is that students of different higher educational institutions, through active participation in sport events, found a common language and permeated the times of past traditions, folk festivals, and ancient ceremonies. It is nice that on this holiday reigned the atmosphere of warmth and benevolence, unity and pleasant feelings, healthy sport competition. "
It was a pleasure and a pleasant surprise to see the present performances of the creative teams of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine: dance group "Flame", vocal group "Anima" and theater group "Lyceydy", as well as the vocal group "Forsage" of the National University of Air Force named after I. Kozhedub with the song "Vesnyanka", People's collective "Paints" of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture with compositions "Krokove wheel" and "Oh, my mother love Gritsa".
Entertained by the guests, rustic and erudite leading-clothed in ritual costumes with their contests, quizzes and riddles. Everyone could ride in a horse-drawn carriage decorated in a national style. And those who had vocal talents could manifest them, singing in karaoke.
The culminating moment of the event was the burning of Shrovetide. According to popular beliefs, driving a round dance around a scarecrow, spend the winter and meet a warm spring-red.
"A beautiful and enchanting holiday of Shrovetide," says Konstantin Sterlikov, a cadet of the 1 st year of the National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine, who shares his impressions. - You feel your involvement in history. Struck organized sports events, dramatized performances. And most importantly - this holiday will leave unforgettable impressions in the hearts of each of us. "
The holiday of Shrovetide at NUCPU ended with a traditional massive round dance with songs.
Cultural and artistic events taking place at the university prove that at the educational institution we contribute to the revival of folk traditions, the upbringing of patriotism, love and respect for the historical past, spiritual enrichment, and the pursuit of a beautiful and elevated.

Victoria Kolenko, press service of NUCPU, photo - Igor Kotov, відео Ахмадуліної Дар`ї 

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