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6 March 2018, 14:44

To the women's professions in Ukraine added a rescue work

To the women's professions in Ukraine added a rescue work

Report by Iryna Antonyuk, TRK Ukraina

The first detachment of fire fighters was replaced. So far - training. Details will tell Iryna Antonyuk.

In Kharkov, a group of cadets-girls are trained to work in fire departments

Report of Julia Gubskaya, UA. First, TRT OTB

So far, this is an experiment. It succeeded after last year's Order of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine abolished the order, which closed doors for women to four hundred and fifty professions. Among them were also firefighters.
According to civil protection experts, women, along with men, can extinguish fires. Instead, the adoption of female colleagues in the fire departments is not ready yet.

A woman can do everything: how to overcome the fire

Report of Kseniya Pshenichnaya, TRK ATN, video-Internet news "Informburo"

Experimental female fire-rescuers unit (VIDEO) appeared in Kharkiv

Report by Irina Sayiko, TRC Simon

The unit was staffed by female students of the National Universitu of Civil Defence of Ukraine.
Go down to the garage, put on the secial rescue equipment and go to the scene. For all these actions girls have less than a minute. According to the legend: a car was light on the training ground as a result of an accident. To quickly put out a fire, you need to act smoothly and quickly.
To test women as firefighters at the University of Civil Defence decided a month ago. Participate in the experiment on a voluntary basis, girls - 4 year students who study in the specialty chemist-technologist. The main emphasis in preparation was made on physical endurance. The main condition: to achieve the standards that are performed by rescue men during duty time.
Dmitry Polkovnichenko, Head of the fire and rescue department of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine:
During the preparation, of course, in the first time were afraid and descend on the trunk. And they were confused in combat clothes. But you see, you can teach anyone what you want
Cadet Anastasia Anatskaya - 4th number in the fire department. This task is to connect the fire hose to the water, as well as to help the driver of the fire truck. With her functions the girl copes easily. Says: It's all about good physical training. For 3 years in a row, Anastasiya is engaged in weightlifting and can easily lift 118 times a 24-kilogram weight. Therefore, the cadet assures, it can easily work as a lifeguard on an equal footing with men.
Anastasiya Anatskaya, a 4-year student at the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine:
Women are more psychologically prepared. This has been proved more than once. We are hardy, we are strong in spirit. And we can work on an equal footing with them, maybe even better
So far, women can not work as firefighter-rescuers in Ukraine. But, such an opportunity may appear in the near future. On Dec. 21, last year, by a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Decree of the Ministry of Health was repealed, outlining the list of 450 forbidden for women professions, among them - and the profession of rescuer.

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