On March, 20 on the basis of NUCDU will be held a round table "State of the system of emergency response to emergencies and fires"

On March 20, 2019, at the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, with the participation of the senior staff members of the Main Directorate SES of Ukraine in certain regions, will be held a round table discussion "The state of the system of operational response to emergencies and fires".

The purpose of the round table is to find ways to further improve the existing system of reaction to the emergencies due to the scientific substantiation of the mechanisms of implementation the tasks facing the civil protection service; Strengthening the links of science with the practice of organizing the operational units of the Civil Protection Service for responding to the emergencies and extinguishing fires; raising the level of professional knowledge of the scientific-pedagogical and scientific staff of the University on the practical and scientific component of the activities of the governing bodies and civil defense forces of the SES of Ukraine; reconciliation of the course of joint actions on the formation of a qualitative composition of the personnel in SES of Ukraine in the performance of tasks for the purpose in modern conditions.

Event starts at 2 p.m.
Address: Kharkiv, Bavarska street, 7