Dear friends!

Saving people in any emergency situation is a noble, responsible and at the same time dangerous and difficult path of those who call the heart and chose еру profession of rescuer. These bold, courageous and determined people today honorably fulfill their duty to the people, showing persistence in carrying out their tasks. Implement the motto - "to prevent, to rescue, to help" them in their hard times and always guard the lives and health of Ukrainian citizens, overcoming the consequences of emergencies, provide assistance to those who have suffered from disaster. Highly qualified specialists in their field, which prepares National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine, a leading institution of higher education fire-rescue type, always has been, is and will be a model of high training, dedication and courage.

History of the institution dates back to 1928. From fire-technical courses to the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine - a nice way of growth, development and strengthening of the institution of the most authoritative Fire and Rescue profile that is behind nearly 90 years of valuable experience in preparing high quality professionals.

Over the years, the institution has produced more than 40 thousand highly qualified specialists, specialists in fire and rescue scecialization. More than 900 people have graduated at different times institution summa cum laude. Our graduates are know with their hard service and hard work worthy of the glorious traditions of the native multiply alma mater. Graduates are well known not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Many of them at different times led the Ministry of Ukraine and Belarus, Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine and Russia, the garrison fire protection in different regions of Ukraine and the former USSR, etc., and are now in leadership positions departments, local offices and many units of the State Service of Ukraine Emergency Management and the CIS countries. Many pupils of our university for hard work, courage and bravery were awarded orders, medals and decorations of the President of Ukraine and awards other countries. We are proud graduates - known athletes, who won gold medals at world championships and Olympic Games.

Today the university - this is the leading university of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies of fully formed scientific methods and material resources, which is able to prepare highly qualified specialists with higher education, that professionals who carry out their professional activities in the field of emergency and emergency their consequences.

Teaching work focuses on 20 university departments. Recently, significantly increased its scientific potential. Among the scientific and teaching staff of the University - 39 doctors and professors, 177 PhD’s and associate professors. Due to its scientific potential university was one of three leaders ranking universities in Ukraine in the field of law, law enforcement, civil protection and life safety.

During the educational process at the University departments apply the latest educational technology using modern computer technology and developed in the departments of special education programs.

The university established close professional and cultural cooperation with related institutions of higher education fire-rescue profile of the  Belarus and some other CIS countries, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and so on. Today students from Republic of Azerbaijan are training in the walls of our university.

University cadets have training in Germany and Poland. We also have an agreement with the Technical University of Varna on training cadets and students of both universities dual diploma program in the field of civil protection.

For services to cadets and students - modernly equipped classrooms, multimedia classes, educational sports complex, training ranges, comfortable sleeping quarters, staffed libraries, laboratories and free access to the Internet.

Sincerely Yours,
Rector of National University of civil protection of Ukraine
Lieutenant General of civil protection service
Doctor of Sciences
Full Professor
Volodymyr P. Sadkoviy