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O.A. Antoshkin
Determination of the pressure loss for the various types of auto-matic installations of water and foam fire-fighting systems
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A. Mikhailuk, K. Afanasyenko
Influence of polymeric connective,inclined to intensive chark formation, on indexes of combustibility of composition materials
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V.S. Babenko, A. P.. Kremena
Range of hydropulsing jet 
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A.E. Basmanov, A.O. Mykhailiuk, Y.S. Kulik
Mathematical model for temperature sensor heating under thermal impact of fire of the spill
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S.N. Bondarenko, M.A. Droga
Formalization of method of location of sprinklers on staggered layout
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P.Y. Borodich
Assessment of functional status and dynamic stability rescuers
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V.P. Voron, E.E. Melnik, S.G. Sidorenko
Tendencies of fires development in the forests of green belt of Kharkov
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V.M. Gvozd, O.E. Bezuglov, Y.A. Abramov
Mathematical model of thermal sensitive element of fire detec-tors at internal thermal influence of sinusoidal electric current pulse
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I.A. Gorpinich
Modeling the flammable liquids spill dynamics on horizontal surface
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A.N. Grigorenko
Effectiveness study of fire protection wood of epoxy compositions with low smoke-generation ability
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E.M. Gulida, A.A.Rencas
The fire-resistant of concreteslabs in residential and administra-tive buildings
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V.A. Dureev, A.N. Litvjak
Mathematical description of pickoff maximal thermal to inform a fire with a thermo-resistor
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A.Y. Kalinovskiy, I.L. Ushapivskiy
Evaluation of damage caused fire when humidity and accounting changes wind conditions
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Kireev A.A., Kupka V.Y., Zhernoklov K.V.
B Study of the stability ofgelelike layers on the surface of flam-mable liquids
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O.V. Kirichenko, V.A. Vaschenko, V.V. Tsybulin
Fire-explosion-dangerous thermo-influences on the surface of metallic corps of wares in the conditions of shot and flight
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A.N. Kolenov, A.A. Kireev, R.G. Meleschenko
Study of foaming and fracture kinetics pen obtained from the use of blowing Al2(SO4)3+(NН4)2СО3with a surface-active substances
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V.V. Komyak, A.N.Sobol, A.G. Kosse
The method of defining rational ways (plans) evacuation for high-rise buildings
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N.I. Korovnikova, V.V. Oliynik, S.Y. Gonar
Kinetic parameters of the thermaldegradation of fiber nitron
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V.I. Krivtsova, Yu.P. Kluchka
Determination of time before a fire and explosion hazard concen-tration at end of hydrogen storage system
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O.V. Kulakov
Peculiarity of calculation category of explosive-fire and fire emer-gency of electro rooms
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T.N. Kurskaya
Critical analysis of thermal modes of multilayer structures
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M.V. Kustov
Influence of speed of the wind, humidity of air and combustible material for speed of distribution of landscape fires
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A.N. Litvjak, V.A. Dureev
Research of efficiency of creationof aquatic curtains sprinklers of different setting
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U.V. Lutsenko, E.A. Yarovoy, A.B. Vasiliev
Determination of the pressure effect on the physicochemical properties of the gas underground coalgasification and their fire and explosion hazard
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A.P. Mihaylyuk, S.Ya. Kravtsiv
Fire-fighting problems of petrol stations
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I.O. Movchan, E.M. Hulida
A choice and ground of criterion are for optimization and man-agement fire risk of objects of city
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B.B. Pospelov, R.І. Shevchenko
Work performance fire sensors automatic fire systems
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E.A. Rybka
Identification of the dynamic models of the complex for the de-termination of thermophysical properties of building materials
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О.V. Savchenko, O.O. Ostroverx,O.M. Semkiv, S.V. Wolkov
The use of gelling systems for immediate protection construc-struction and materials for fire of residential sector
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V.O. Samarin
Modeling ignition of combustible material layer by focused radiation flow
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A.P. Symonenko
Improving the efficiency of firefighting equipment by applying the hydrodynamic activity of water – soluble polymer compositions
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A.M. Sirotenko, D.P. Dubinin, A.A. Lisnyak
To question about practical realization of method of creation of fire-prevention breaks by volume hose charges
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E.V. Tarachno, V.N. Syrykh, R.V. Tarachno
Expert research version of fire asa result of chemical spontane-ous ignition
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D.G. Tregubov, O.V. Tarahno, S.U. Gonar
Determination of auto-ignition temperature for ketones of different structure
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V.V. Chigrin, B.I. Krivoshey
Determination of the imbalance inthe work of centrifugal fire pumps
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I.A. Chub
Optimal placement of flammable objects while minimizing air pollution aerosol products of combustion
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A.Ya. Sharshanov, A.A. Chernukha
Modeling of fireproof act swelling inorganic coatings
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