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Issue 33

Y.A. Abramov, V.M. Gvozd, A.M. Tischenko
Estimation of inertial properties of automatic systems for extinguishing fire class b by spray water

O.A. Antoshkin
Selecting of the scheme of sprinklers placement, as a step to the solution of a task of the coating with additional restrictions

K.A. Afanasyenko, F.P. Mikhailuk, P.A. Bilim
Influence of polymeric connective, inclined to intensive chark formation, on indexes of combustibility of composition materials

A.E. Basmanov, Y.S. Kulik
Evaluation parameters of thermal flows that rises above a flam-ing spill

S.N. Bondarenko, V.V. Kalabanov
Linear flame detector with the use of effect of hemoionization

A.V. Vasilchenko, N.B. Zolochevsky, I.M. Hmyrov
Estimation of a limit of fire resistance of bent reinforced-concrete elements strengthened by fiber materials

S.A. Vinogradov, .M. Grizina, O.M. Semko, Yu.D. Ukrans'kiy
Comparison of efficiency of high-speedwater jet extinguishing agent for ex-tinguish prototyping fires, class

N.N. Godovanets, B.M. Mykhalitchko, V.L. Petrovs’kyj, O.M. Stcherbyna
Fire-extinction of testing aqueous extinction of substance on the basis of copper() chloride

I.A. Gorpinich
Modeling the burning of fluid spreading on horizontal surface

O.M. Grigorenko, O.V. Kulakov, V.O. Ponomarev
Construction of model dependence of resistance the isolation of cable prod-uct from time of exploitation for the defense of appearance of source lighting of electric origin

V.O. Samarin, V.A. Guzenko
Analysis of the conditions of ignition of combustible material layer by fo-cused flow of sunlight

A.A. Kireev, O.B. Karakulin, A.S. Chazhko
Estimation the ability for extinguishment coefficient of gelforming systems
separate components by put out model seat of fire class A

.. Kirilyuk, O.V. Kulakov
Mathematical models for computation of indexes of fire-safety remaining
resource of cable lines

V.V. Komyak, A.N. Sobol, A.G. Kosse, R.G. Meleschenko
Approach to modeling the motion of human flows on the staircases in high-rise buildings

N.I. Korovnikova, V.V. Oliynik
Effect of temperature and oxidation agents on the thermal degradation of fiber nitron

V.I. Krivtsova, Yu.P. Kluchka
Evaluation of error determination of hydrogen hydride intermetallics time to failure system by external heat flow

O.V. Kulakov
Peculiarity of calculation category ofexplosive-fire and fire emergency of complete transformer substations of the external setting

V.Y. Kupka, A.A. Kireev, K.V. Zhernoklov
The choice of media to provide buoyancygelelike layer onthe surface of flammable liquids

M.V. Kustov, A.J. Sharshanov
Model of an atmospheric precipitation evaporation process in the air envi-ronment in a zone of landscape fires

A.N. Litvjak, V.A. Dureev
The calculation of flow characteristics of water distribution networks of au-tomatic sprinkler systems

U.V. Lutsenko, A.Y. Sharshanov, E.A. Yarovoy
Mathematical model of heat and mass transfer and physico-chemical trans-formations on receipt multicomponent gasses underground gasification of solid fuels

R.G. Meleschenko, V.K. Mountyan
The criterion of the decision oh the expediency of aviation for the localiza-tion of a forest fire

O.A. Petuhova, S.A. Gornostal, S.S. Pazjura, D.A. Guk
Definition of performance data of water protection in puleulavlivatel

B.B. Pospelov, R.. Shevchenko
Method for determining the performance of group fire detector automatic fire systems

A.G. Priymakov, Y.A. Gradysky
Defining parameters energokinematicheskogo ball mills for the manufac-ture of fire-extinguishing powder

I.B. Riabova
Current analysis of the impact of structural parameters on the temperature of the shaft support bearing fans in smoke

.V. Savchenko, O.O. Ostroverx, O.M. Semkiv
Determination of fire extinguishing ability gelling CaCl2– Na2O·2,95 SiO2– 2in the laboratory

V.N. Syrykh, E.V. Tarachno
Research version of a fire due to the impact of sparks of different origin

V.M. Strelec, V.M. Loboichenko
Evaluation of filter masks, self-rescuers on the results of field tests

D.G. Tregubov, O.V. Tarahno
Dilution vapor space pair nonflammable mixture components

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