Department of organization of research work

Department of organization of research work of Research Center of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine was established in 2015 with the staff-organizational events at the university.


Main tasks of the department

Planning, organization and control of research work at the university.

Providing advisory and methodological assistance on scientific issues to scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers, doctorates, adjuncts and other categories of higher education graduates.

Facilitating the organization of publication and testing of scientific research results.

Coordination of the activity of the scientific community of cadets (students), adjuncts (post-graduate students), doctoral students and young scientists.

Popularization and stimulation of scientific activity.


Main functions of the department

Development on the basis of the proposals of the university units and submission of the plans related to the research activities of the university in the established order (plans of scientific, technical activities, plans of research work, plans of implementation, conference plans, etc.).

Organizational support and control over the implementation of research activities by scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers, doctoral students, adjuncts and applicants in accordance with the priority directions of the university's scientific activity.

Implementation of monitoring and forecast assessment of the development of scientific activity of the University in the context of rating assessment.

Collection, generalization and record keeping of the results of research work of the University.

Preparation of reporting and analytical documents on research activities of the University for further informing the administration, academic council, as well as providing them to the SES of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, other institutions and organizations.

Control over the implementation of the results of scientific research in practice (educational process).

Organization, in conjunction with other departments of the University, to execute orders from the legislative and executive authorities regarding the development of draft normative documents, preparation of expert opinions (proposals) for bills, as well as on research activities and related extra-curricular tasks.

Implementation of organizational and methodological support, as well as coordination of the activities of the scientific community of cadets (students, listeners), adjuncts (graduate students), doctoral students and young scientists.

Organization of work on registration of applications for obtaining protection documents on intellectual property issues for university employees.

Providing organizational and methodological assistance in conducting general scientific (scientific-methodical, scientific-practical) conferences, symposiums and seminars, and within the respective working groups to ensure the participation of representatives of the University in conducting such activities at inter-agency and international levels.

Study, analysis, generalization and dissemination of positive experience in organizing and conducting research, providing explanations on the application of the relevant normative and legal acts at the university for their complete and clear application.

Providing advisory assistance to scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers on issues of state registration of research and development works.

Informing scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers about upcoming conferences, contests of scientific works and other scientific events.

Carrying out work on collecting, processing and sending abstracts of reports, articles, scientific works, etc.

Providing collection of materials and technical support of professional technical collections of scientific works of the University.

Promotion of international scientific cooperation, creation of conditions for inter-university and interdepartmental cooperation and other links in the scientific sphere.

Preliminary processing and submission to the relevant authorities of proposals for the participation and encouragement of scientists and their scientific products in contests of various levels.

Conduct general university events (festivals, contests, reviews, etc.), confined to professional holidays of scientists and aimed to popularize and encourage the implementation of scientific work by university staff.

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