Priority directions of scientific activity


1. Problems in the field of Civil Protection.
1.1. Development of scientific bases of state regulation, building and improving the functioning of civil protection system, its functional and territorial subsystems.
1.2. Scientific substantiation of legislative, regulatory and engineering regulations in the field of civil protection.
1.3. Development of methods and systems for decision-making in the field of civil protection.

2. Problems of improving the efficiency of the fire safety facilities, processes and so on.
2.1. Investigation of combustion in fire conditions and factors of their occurrence.
2.2. Research on prevention of combustible environment as well as to prevent the formation of its sources of ignition.
2.3. Creation and optimal search methods and means of fire protection systems and fire safety.
2.4. Automation of technological and operational and tactical processes in systems of fire safety facilities.
2.5. Methods for determining the characteristics of fire equipment, automation, alarm systems and other products and fire protection systems.
2.6. Methods and means testing of combustible materials, fire extinguishing agents, protection from fire hazards, and the methods and means of monitoring and diagnostic samples of fire equipment, automation, alarm systems, devices and fire protection systems.
2.7. Research on improving the reliability and effectiveness of the equipment and fire safety facilities.

3. Prevention and localization of emergencies and emergency response problems.
3.1. Development of scientific bases of civil protection. Justification based on assessments of risk in the daily activities of people on a single object or region.
3.2. Development and creation of state and regional monitoring of emergency situations of technogenic and natural character.
3.3. Improvement of existing and development of new methods of forecasting and warning of emergency situations of technogenic and natural character.
3.4. Development of mathematical models emergencies, creating optimal algorithms for disaster recovery and disaster, including search and rescuing people in the water.
3.5. Development of scientific bases and efficient organization of search and rescue and other emergency operations in emergency situations.
3.6. Development the technical means and equipment for rescue operations.
3.7. Studies of increasing the stability of critical infrastructure under the influence of damaging factors, scientific justification series of measures of emergency life support.
3.8. Development of scientific bases of engineering, engineering expertise of emergencies, technological accidents and manmade emergency situations.

4. Problems of psychological support for SES staff and people in an emergency situation.
4.1. Study evaluating the intensity of work and psycho-physiological "cost" of main activities within SES of Ukraine.
4.2. Determining factors of professional dissatisfaction among staff of SES of Ukraine and the major functional areas of mental personality, resulting in employees during the performance.
4.3. Development of innovative methods and psy within vocational and psychological training of SES staff to act in crisis, extreme and emergency service activity.
4.4. Diagnosis, prevention and correction of negative mental states that occur in workers under the influence of extreme situations during service.
4.5. Development of modern methods after extreme work with employees, providing psychological recovery period of personnel when performing complex tasks performance.
4.6. Organization of psychological assistance in crisis and emergency situations.
4.7. Studies of psychological counseling, psychotherapy and psychosocial rehabilitation of people affected by the aggressive actions of the crowd, terrorist attacks, etc..

5. Problems of training for SES units.
5.1. Justification methods and development of means of training in the field of civil protection.
5.2. Scientific organization of the educational process in higher education SES institutions in Ukraine.
5.3. Moral and ethical culture and behavior of common soldiers and officers of SES of Ukraine units.