Scientific department on problems of civil defense, technogenic and ecological safety



The scientific department on the problems of civil defense, technogenic and ecological safety of Research Center of National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine was established in 2015.

The main tasks of the department include:

  • organization and conducting of search and applied researches in the field of civil protection and technogenic-ecological safety;
  • publications of scientific research results in professional scientific books, monographs and other objects of intellectual property;
  • ensuring the implementation of scientific research results into the educational process with the integration to the European scientific and educational space;
  • organization, holding and participation in scientific-technical, scientific-practical thematic conferences, seminars, symposiums;
  • establishment and deepening of cooperation with the leading foreign and ukrainian educational, research institutions, research and production associations and enterprises;
  • preparation of projects for participation in all-Ukrainian and international grants;
  • involvement of gifted higher education students in research work, scientific circles, conferences, competitions of student's scientific works;
  • facilitating the holding of international, nationwide, scientific and practical conferences, which are traditional for the University, and directing efforts to expand their subjects.