History of creation

The history of creating an information technology center has began in August 2000, when a software and computer network department was created on the basis of the department of technical tools of education of the educational department, of the Institute of Fire Safety. At the time of the creation of the department, the local network of the institute was absent, and only five computers of the training department were combined with each other, and the Internet seemed an unaffordable luxury and something completely incomprehensible. The department was composed of seven people: a chief, a senior software engineer, two software engineers, an electronics engineer, an engineer-specialist, and a computer-set operator. Major of the Internal Service Ostapenko Valery Egorovich headed the department, and after the information technology center (Colonel of Civil Protection Service Ostapenko headed the center until December 2010).

The newly created department needed to:

  • develop a project and install a local network;
  • provide high-speed and high-quality access to the Internet;
  • put computer classes into operation, to maintain their working capacity;
  • introduce special computer programs into the educational process;
  • develop software for the educational process in conjunction with special departments;
  • introduce information technology in the management process;
  • master the technology of web programming for the development and maintenance of internal and external websites;
  • introduce into the educational process modern technical tools of education - multimedia projectors and notebooks.

All these tasks were carried out by the department and in September 2002, an information technology center was created on the basis of the department. The center consists of two departments: Department of information and technical support and Department of informatization and computer training systems. The staff of IT center - 15 specialists.