Scientist from the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine became a participant of the European Summit on Radiation, Chemical and Biological safety

The 12th International Civil Defense Summit was held in the Czech city Brno from November 30 to December 2. More than 100 experts from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Ukraine discussed international cooperation in responding to radiation, chemical and biological threats. At the scientific forum, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine was represented by Maksim Kustov, Head of the Scientific Department for Civil Protection and Technogenic and Environmental Safety of the Research Center of the National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine.

Particular attention was paid to measures to fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Maxim Kustov presented to the international community the capabilities of the SES to respond to emergencies of various kinds and presented the potential for training specialists in the field of civil protection at the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine. Negotiations were also held with manufacturers of safety equipment in the framework of cooperation on scientific cooperation and testing of the latest equipment during practical classes at the university. During the meeting, an agreement was reached with the organizers and participants of the Summit to hold the next International Summit 2022 in Ukraine on the basis of NUCDU.


National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine

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