According to the "Regulation on the organization of scientific and scientific-technical activities in the State Emergency Service of Ukraines" (Order of SES of Ukraine No. 475 dated September 29, 2016), one of the main types of scientific and scientific-technical activity are monographs, which are the result of the inventive and research activity of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers of our educational institution.
Monograph is a scientific book edition of a particular study of one problem or topic belonging to one or more authors.
There are two types of scientific monographs:
Scientific monograph as a research work, the subject of which is an exhaustive generalization of theoretical material on a scientific problem or topic with its critical analysis, definition of importance, formulation of new scientific concepts. This monograph captures the scientific priority, provides the primary scientific information society, serves to highlight the main content and the results of scientific, dissertation research.
Scientific monograph characterizes the unity of the content, it indicates the scientific contribution of the applicant in science and is considered as a qualifying scientific work. Under these conditions, it replaces the dissertation. The volume of the individual monograph of the applicant of the scientific degree of the doctor of sciences, which is counted as a dissertation, should be at least 10 author's (printed) sheets in the field of technical and natural sciences and at least 15 copyright worksheets in the field of humanities and social sciences.
The second type of scientific monograph is a scientific work, which is a covering of the main content of the dissertation and is one of the main publications on the subject of the study, while it has the following requirements: volume - not less than 5-6 accounting and publishing papers (monograph to the defense of a dissertation for a scientific degree "Doctor of science" should be at least 10 accounting and publishing papers);
- presence of reviews from two doctors of sciences, corresponding specialty;
- availability of the recommendation of the academic council of the research institution or higher educational institution;
- availability of international standard number ISBN;
- circulation not less than 300 copies (for doctor's degree dissertations).

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